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Warranty, Exchange & Return Policy

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Warranty Policy

So you think you have a problem with your "mattress" or "mattress set" or "mattress set & frame" or "bed set". You may be surprised to know that most problems exist due to a misunderstanding of how a mattress set & bed are to perform.

Guess what? Mattresses will not be in like new or perfect condition for long. Over time you will cause your product to degrade. This world and everything in it degrades over time. Only mattresses that are never slept on are in perfect condition.

Most problems and concerns are just the natural evolution of the product slowly degrading due to "normal" wear and tear. Nothing lasts forever, although mattresses are made under strict quality control, problems do result, and we are here to distinguish between a real problem due to a manufacturer's error or "normal" wear and tear. Now "un-normal" wear and tear will cause a problem and "wear and tear" to occur (earlier), and we do not warranty that. Yes your mattress will soon after a couple of years start to show a depression(s). If your depression is 2" or greater, there may be a problem with the manufacturer's construction (see below for 1" exception).

We will try to walk folks through the maze to figure out if you have legitimate Warranty Claim with the Manufacturer or not. For you happy folks that own pillow-top mattresses, you must expect some body depression due to the upholstery layers conforming to your body shape. to not expect that would be unreasonable.

We will need from you...

1. Digital photos showing the area of concern (3-pictures), also a picture showing the entire surface of the mattress. You must remove all the bed sheets, pillows, bed-skirts, etc. Should any appear in the photo, the photo will be rejected.

2. Measurements in the digital photos showing depth, width, length and overall area of concern. (1-picture of each)

3. A copy of your receipt

4. A copy of the product(s) legal tag attached to the mattress and/or foundation.

5. A form filled out explaining the concern or problem. Form to be faxed or emailed to you.

We will then...

Contact and forward the information to the manufacturer for a determination. Please keep reading below as the information you'll read will help you to predict your Warranty Claim outcome.

If the outcome is in your favor, a credit will be issued. Your responsibility will be to return the product(s) of concern to us (at your cost) and pick up the replacement products based upon the credit (at your cost). Please see "What Is NOT COVERED By The Limited Warranty?" below near the end of this page.

If the outcome is not in your favor, no credit will be issued and the Warranty Claim will be considered "closed out".

If you need us to come to you to perform all actions as set forth above a charge will be immediately invoiced to you payable at the time of service. If the Warranty Claim is in your favor there may be an off-setting credit that will be issued back to you upon the issuing of the credit for your replacement product(s). Please ask us to quote you our charges for that service.

PLEASE NOTE: When the term or phrase "mattress" or "mattress set" or "mattress set & frame" or "bed set" are used, it may not be used correctly to describe the scenario, therefore it may be necessary to interchange the term(s) for a more suitable term(s) to describe the exact problem or concern... Confused? Its OK, sometimes describing the situation takes a little time. We are patient. THIS PROCESS IS NOT FAST. This process can take from 2-weeks to 8-weeks depending upon the product(s). Please be patient, this problem did not show up over-night.

Warranty Schedules

To determine your warranty terms locate the mattress law tag and find the "Warranty" field or code. Your purchase date is established from the date of your sales receipt. A Warranty may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. If you are unable to determine the Warranty Schedule from your products "code", warranty card and receipt date, please call us and we'll help you.

What Is COVERED By The Limited Warranty?

The Manufacturer's Limited Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the mattress and foundation set, and only covers manufacturing defects in a mattress or foundation when the set is subject to proper handling and normal use in conjunction with a bed frame that provides "Continuous Support". To provide "Continuous Support", a Queen or King frame must have 1) a rigid bridge bar with a supporting leg and 2) at least 5 legs, or 5 equally spaced hardwood cross-slats (see example(s) below). Replacement of one piece in the set DOES NOT guarantee replacement of the other piece in the set. NOTE: Zip-off mattress covers are warranted for the first 2 years from A) manufacturing defects and workmanship flaws of the zipper and seams B) tearing of fabric under normal use.

Example(s) of Proper Bed Frames for Queen and King Size Bedding. NOTE: Twin and Full Size Bedding should have (at least 3 equally spaced cross-slats for minimal support), up to 5 equally spaced hardwood (i.e.: oak, hickory, maple. NOT softwood such as pine.) cross-slats for Continuous Support. The ends of each cross-slat must be fastened by way of screw to prevent slipping resulting in a faulty support system! 

What Is NOT COVERED By The Limited Warranty?

The Limited Warranty EXCLUDES: claims made outside the 50 United States or Puerto Rico, mattress fabric, comfort preference, bed height, spills, burns, bent or broken border/grid wires, mattress or foundation damage due to abuse or abnormal use, damage due to use with inappropriate foundation, used bedding, bedding sold "As Is"/ floor models, damage due to bed frames that DO NOT provide Continuous Support, and cost associated with transportation, inspection &/or removal of products. Also NOT COVERED are, normal body indentations or sagging (not associated with sag in foundation) of less than 2" for Latex or Innerspring mattresses, or less than 1" for Memory Foam mattresses. If it is determined that an indentation is caused by misuse, abuse or factors other than a product defect, this warranty will not cover that condition.

Any and all transportation, delivery, disposal and labor in the act of fulfilling an approved Limited Warranty claim will be the responsibility of the mattress product original owner.

NOTE: Also NOT COVERED By The Limited Warranty is any product found to be in an Unreasonably Unsanitary Condition, meaning the product is so pervasively soiled that 1) an inspector is unable to conduct an appropriate inspection of the condition of the mattress product without being exposed to potentially dangerous bodily fluids, air &/or blood borne pathogens, or other substances that could cause significant illness &/or injury, or 2) upon viewing the environment of where the mattress product is positioned there exists "such" to otherwise suggest that the mattress product has been subjected to misuse beyond ordinary wear and tear.


Exchange Policy

See Note Below

What is Our 21-Day Exchange Policy?

We offer a 21-day exchange policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your mattress, you must contact us via phone, email or through the web-site no later than the 21st day after the original delivery date. This means that if you contact us on the 21st day after delivery, you must make yourself available within the next 7-days to reselect a mattress and schedule the exchange and delivery, within the next 7-days or as soon as the factory delivers the replacement. Therefore the process can be solved within a 30 to 60-day window.

Limit one exchange per customer.

A mattress protector must have been purchased FROM us as part of your original sale. All comfort exchanges must be for mattresses or sets of equal or greater value. You are responsible for paying the difference between the regular everyday price of the new merchandise and the regular everyday price of the original merchandise plus all applicable exchange and delivery fees and taxes.

Exchange Fees*

(per set) Twin $79.00, Full $99.00, Queen $129.00, King $149.00

*Additional Delivery & Pick-up Fees May Apply.

Note: Law tags must be attached and merchandise must be clean, free of tears, burns and stains of any kind or we will be unable to honor a request for an exchange. The Exchange policy applies to all mattresses (products) and excludes motorized beds, cots, special orders/sizes and clearance,

demonstration/floor-models and "as-is" merchandise.

Return Policy

The original consumer may return any product within three (3) days for a full-refund or credit, if the packaging of the product has not been opened, used/placed-in-service, during the three (3) day-period. Prior to an acceptable return, an inspection of the product will be performed by our company to determine its condition. If the Law-tag(s) are still attached and merchandise is clean, free of tears, burns and stains of any kind, and the bag not opened nor product(s) placed into service. We will honor a request for a return, for refund or credit or exchange. The Return Policy applies to all mattress (products) and excludes motorized beds, cots, special orders and clearance merchandise.

Depending on type of payment from the consumer, refunds may take up to seven (7) business days.

If condition of the product returned warrants a refund and the consumer requests a refund, a credit will be established immediately for consumer use until the refund is issued. A credit can be used immediately. If a consumer returns product after three (3) days up to seven (7) days, and inspection of product proves it is in not-opened, not-used or not-placed-in-service condition, TD will credit the purchase amount (less any credit-card fees and less a 25% restocking fee) to the consumer for a 30-day period.




Jeff Trotter 603-305-9763

Doug Trotter 603-315-3480

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