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Mattress Dealer - Business Opportunity

Trotter Mattress Distribution, LLC

1506 Columbia Circle, Merrimack, NH 03054

Jeff 603-305-9763

Doug 603-315-3480

NOTE: Starting a business is exciting and challenging; see the

U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) website to learn

about what it takes to start a business.

We Strongly Recommend The SBA's

20 Questions Before Starting


Is Entrepreneurship For You?

Very Exciting!

Become A Mattress Dealer in your community, utilizing the website. (Note: Website name is subject to change)

Yes! We'll help you operate your own mattress business. The business is yours, not ours. So, if you have envisioned yourself selling a much needed product; to increase value in lives; and make what can be a long-term living; this may be for you. Your earnings may vary from part-time earnings to a full-time career; that is up to you. This venture will depend on your dedication, marketing, product-offerings and personal savvy. Time, the most precious commodity will be essential to your business. You may work from home or a different location. This is a relationship building business, without building relationships, your business may be short-lived. There is more, a whole-lot more... I takes time, months, years to build. We'll help you decide if this business is for you.

Just Quickly Thinking About What You'll Need...

Very Easy Start-Up, 3-Steps

1. A small amount of start-up stock. About 6 to 10 Mattress Sets

2. Training period of 2-3 days consisting of about 4-hours each day.

3. On-going consultation into the future. Can be done via Skype, phone, email and website access.

4.. The BEST feature is you can begin selling the first day!

You Will Need

1. Transportation; box-truck, pick-up, van or car*

2. Smart-phone or laptop/desktop computer for voice, text, email & internet capability.

3. A small secured-storage space for stock and product demonstration.

4. Some muscle! The ability to manually move and lift mattress product. ("This is how I started")

* A car is ok, just a lot more work, maybe a trailer too... up to you.

This Is A Business With Freedom To Operate Your Way!

1. No long term contract, just a simple business agreement.

2. You are not tied to "us" for business operations...

3. Freedom to operate in a law-abiding manner.**

** We are not legal or accounting advisers, all answers pertaining to those matters are your responsibility. Please obtain them from legally-licensed authorities.

NOTE: To conduct business, it is your lawful responsibility to know and obey all the judicial & regulatory laws of: The United States of America, including state, county & city, etc. No accounting or tax recommendation/advice will be provided. There are start-up costs, to make a realistic start in this business; you must have immediately available $2500 to $7,000 to begin operations. You may need additional monies for storage, transportation. communication and business start-up fees. If you can not afford these monies, please do not call me about nor attempt this business.

The Return On Investment may be quick, within days or weeks to several months; it depends on how YOU market and work your business. You must reorder product; without a continued stream of product for your customer you may lose the sale. You can fall-flat on your face in that period too if you expect people to beat a path to your door with the wrong plan. This is not a get rich quick scheme! This business is a highly competitive business; many mattress business opportunity sellers will sell you a mattress business, tightly controlling your product offerings and cost of product; regardless of your efforts, they will prosper and "eat you alive for their pay-check". No seller of a mattress business opportunity can guarantee you anything, if so, and you believe so... enough said. 

We Guarantee No Success, only help to start small "period". To help grow your business. You must learn the temperament(s) of the business (that is an education no one, no roll playing, no class-room study can teach; it takes time in the field and rigorous trials of executing the motions of the mattress business; this is all very exciting if you have the character for it!). Yes, we will be paid for helping you. We will assist you in many of the challenges, as you navigate through the waters; to sail smooth waters; to plot a venture that is worthy of you. We make our living by coming along side you, in word to teach, motivate and guide you; as we are ground-level mattress distributors/resellers ourselves and experience the tides of the mattress business too.

We Have The Knowledge Base to help you immediately deploy a successful mattress dealership; in the residential market and the high volume contract or commercial/hospitality market.

But Only You Know if you have what is required, in your heart, to make a real-go at this business; to work profitable for you and your customers; to build a lasting testament to your efforts; to improve and provide income for the desires of your life. The mattress business potential-income is limited by you; we will never guarantee an income amount.

Looking Back Twenty Years... In 1992 This Business Began Part-Time, but in 1995 when I decided to go full time in the mattress business, my friend (still today) David Meyer ("thank you David"), loaned me a $1000 cash, no check, cash! I thank God for him. I borrowed the money about 10:00AM in the morning and paid him back about 9:30 PM that evening... I'm going to lay it on the line; I have spent many hours in tears trying and trying to discover the secrets of this business; only to discover my efforts had they been just navigated a degree or two in a different direction, would have saved months, maybe years of pains-taking efforts. In the late 1990's the person that person came into my life; John Peterson... Thank you John! That is where we help you. I thank the great network of professionals in the mattress industry that have come along side me over the years. I also want to thank Jimmy Orders & David Orders who in 2003 placed great trust in me to represent Park Place Corp. in New England... "Thank You".

If your still reading this... We bring this mattress-dealer opportunity to you. We will not try to dictate, control or "own" you and your business; you are free to conduct your business legally you see fit. Warning: There are many larger companies operating and advertising on the web; you can pay a company to teach you the business, and sell you product (and YES they will OWN YOU). Business Buyer Beware!

Please Examine Yourself Wisely. My only desire is to work to help people who are serious about a "go" at this opportunity. We must say this... Past performance is no indicator or guarantee of future results. We will teach you a business-model; we call it the "PD-Model", and if you have the diligence, discipline and work ethic required for the mattress business; the PD-Model will help you begin living the rest of your life with optimism! Remember people have the need to "lay down in peace and sleep".

So, should you be the one people go to for mattresses?

Thank you, Jeff Trotter

Mattress Dealer's 1st ACTION STEP

Call Jeff Trotter 603-305-9763.




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