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Quality Commercial Mattresses
Since 1931
Circa 1930s
Original Orders Mattress Plant
Circa 1997Park Place Corportaion Manufacturing Facility, Greenville, SC
Park Place Corporation. Luxury Commercial & Hospitality Mattress Sets


Only the Finest for our Loyal Hospitality Clients & Their Guests.
All Products Listed are 2-Sided Mattresses
Our Premium Hospitality Orthopedic Support for Starters
Hotel Orderpedic Firm
Hotel Orderpedic (Firm)
Hospitality Mattress, Thickness: 9"
Duralife Foundation.
Millions sold over the years for that unique combination of durability, firmness and competitive price.
  • 448 Coils (Queen) - ES
  • Bonnell 13-guage, 6-turn
  • Extra Bond Heavy-Duty Insulator
  • Two Layers Contract Foam Upholstery
  • Upholstered Contract Foam Quilt
  • MV302 Contract Cover
  • 2/12 Year Warranty
Our Luxury Orthopedic for the Discriminating Guest
Renaissance Firm Luxury Mattress Set
Renaissance  (Luxury Firm)
Hospitality Mattress,Thickness: 12"
Duralife Foundation.
For a more discriminating guest, this mattress of choice is best described as luxury firm.
  • 805 Coils (Queen) - ES
  • High Profile LFK 14.5-6
  • Luxury Bond Insulator
  • Luxury Layer Bonded Cotton Fiber
  • Two Layers of Special Density Contract Foam
  • Triple Layered Luxury Foam Quilt
  • NFPA 701 Damask Contract Cover
  • 5/10 Year Warranty
Our Luxury Orthopedic Pillowtop for a Heavenly Touch 
Renaissance Elite PT
Renaissance Elite Pillowtop  (Plush)
Hospitality Mattress, Thickness: 13"
Duralife Foundation.
The heavenly pillowtop version of our Renaissance design adds a touch of plushness.
  • 805 Coils (Queen) - ES
  • High Profile LFK 14.5-6
  • Luxo Fiber Bonded Insulator
  • Two Thick Layers of Special Density Contract Foam
  • Thick Layer of Syn-Float Luxo Fiber
  • Triple Layered Pillowtop Luxury Quilt
  • NFPA 701 Damask Contract Cover
  • 5/10 Year Warrant
Our Most Luxureous Combination of Orthopedic Support and Comfort
Chateau Resort Luxury Mattress Set
Chateau Resort  (Plush)
Hospitality Mattress, Thickness: 12"
Duralife Foundation
Our most complimented mattress. From The Cloister at Sea Island to the Boars Head Inn in Charlottesville, hoteliers and their guests love this mattress!
  • 805 Coils (Queen) - ES
  • High Profile LFK 14.5-6
  • Luxury Bond Super Insulator
  • Extra Thick Layer of Special Qualux Luxury Foam Upholstery
  • Triple Layered Supersoft Quilt
  • MV302 Imported Damask Cover
  • 5/15 Year Warranty
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