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Mattress Protection by Mattress Safe® Inc.
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Mattress Safe ProtectorMattress Safe ProtectorMattress Safe Protector
1. Superior - Full Encasements Style - Stretches to fit up to an 18" depth mattress
2. Classic - Fitted Sheet Style - Easy & quick on/off
Why MattressSafe?
Because it is a state-of-the-art product that is:
A. Waterproof
B. Non-allergenic
C. Breathable - keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
D. Fire Retardant
E. Luxurious fabric protector that is silky soft
F. Conforms to fit any mattress style without compromising comfort or feel. Great for Memory Foam Mattresses!
G. Easy application removal.
ALL Mattress types will be protected from:
1. Stains
2. Dust mites
3. Bed bugs
4. Mold
5. Bacteria
Our Mattress Safe Protectors Work Well in all Commercial & Domestic Applications!
The Mattress Safe Products dry quickly!
Cold Water Wash (Seperately)
Low/Warm Dry ONLY
 For 15-minutes - Seperately!
Warning! Hot Wash &/or Hot Dry Can Damage Product